If you have any questions about the curriculum, the payment model or anything related to your career as a software developer, we are here to help you.


This course focusses only on technical jobs. Only pre-final year engineering students from top colleges, who are interested in technical jobs are eligible for this course.
This course will cover all domains of computer science that will be needed to excel in a technical interview. We will cover all the topics in 4 to 6 months. If any student needs further guidance, we will provide mentorship and career counseling after the course also.
On weekdays, classes will be after college hours, i.e., 6:15 pm to 8:15 pm. On weekends, classes will be from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. However, mentors and instructors will be available for the help of the students after classes also.
We will conduct the classes online so that students don't have to waste any time commuting to another location.
Yes, we have arranged the class timings such that they don't hinder with your college schedule and don't affect your performance in the college. We will also provide preparatory holidays for your semester examinations. Our curriculum will also help you in performing better in computer-related subjects in your college.
Yes, every student who completes this course will receive a certificate from Placewit.
Our course is designed to help every student in improving technical skills. We will start from the basics and move to advanced topics so that you can see significant improvement in your skillset after completing this course, no matter where you stand today.
Our instructors and mentors will be available after classes to resolve your doubts. You can also contact your mentors online if you need any help.
We will announce the start date for next batch soon.
We are conducting a test to ensure that you can efficiently consume the content that we have designed for you. We will also analyze the results to figure out your weak areas to improve your performance. We will recommend you what to study so that you can perform better.
We are conducting a test to check your overall programming skills. The test will consist of basic coding questions, computer science fundamentals, puzzles, etc.
We offer a postpaid payment plan with a minimum job guarantee of upto 20L. You can pay us 14% of your CTC when you get a job of more than the minimum guaranteed CTC (for 1.5 years or until you reach a ₹1.5 Lakh cap).
Maximum cap is the maximum total amount of fee collected, irrespective of your CTC. If you get a job that pays ₹25L, 14% of that becomes ₹3.5L. We will not collect ₹3.5L, but stop collecting as soon as the total amount becomes ₹1.5L.
You'll be charged 14% of your CTC. You'll have to pay the amount only if you get a job paying more than the minimum guaranteed CTC.
It will be highly unlikely that you won't get a job after taking this course. In case you can't get a job through our referrals and campus placements and remain unemployed, you don't need to pay us anything.
No, your appraisals or salary hikes based on your job performance or switching the company later don't affect the fee that you pay us monthly.
Job is the end-result we all are working on together. We all will be working hard to upskill you and prepare you for your selection process. Even if you get a job through other channels, it will be considered a job only, and all the conditions will be unchanged.
We will provide you a minimum salary guarantee based on your profile and performance in the course. If we can't get you a job higher than promised minimum guarantee, you will not be liable to pay us anything.

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