An Extensive Curriculum

Check out our battle-tested curriculum below!

An Extensive Curriculum

Our curriculum focuses on helping you learn the most in-demand skills in software development so that you can perform better in the interviews and get a great job.

During the program, you’ll learn competitive programming, develop a strong computer science foundation, and build amazing full-stack projects.

At the end of the program, we will help you improve your interviewing skills and land your dream job.

Data Structures and Algorithms
Competitive Programming
Computer Science Fundamentals
Full-Stack Development
Machine Learning
Augmented Reality
Interview Preparation and Practice
Resume Grooming and Mock Interviews

All topics (DSA, projects, interview prep, etc.) will continue in parallel throughout the course

Data Structures & Algorithms - Basic

Basic STL, Time & Space Complexity Analysis, Array, Searching, Sorting, Math, Strings, Two Pointers, Linked Lists, Bit Manipulation, Stacks and Queues, HashMaps, HashSets, Recursion

Data Structures & Algorithms - Advanced

Backtracking, Dynamic Programming, Tries, Hashmap Implementation, Cache Design, Tree, Heap, BFS, DFS, Greedy, Graph, All Graph Algorithms, Red Black Tree, Segment Tree, AVL Tree, B B+ Tree

Competitive Programming

Dynamic Programming on Trees, Bit Masking, Minimum Spanning Tree, Fenwick Tree, Advanced Heap, Topological Sort, KMP, Rabin-Karp, Suffix Tree, Suffix Array, Disjoint Set, Square Root Decomposition, Basic Game Theory, Sparse Table

Computer Science Fundamentals

Object Oriented Programming, Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, System Design

Project Development

HTML, CSS, Javascript, NodeJS, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning

Interview Preparation

Final Revision, Expert Resume Reviews, Professional Mock Interviews, Puzzles, Aptitude, Core Subjects Revision, Group Discussion, Presentation Practice, Interview Experiences, Soft Skills Enhancement

Placement Season

Secret Tips, Placement Guidance, Referrals, Regular Mentorship, Latest Company Questions, Interview Patterns

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