Placewit Selection

We receive more than 20k applications for every cohort. We can train only a limited number of students to ensure best quality and personalized attention. Hence, our selection rate is less than 2%.

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What is the selection criteria?

Our program is open for pre-final year students, final year students and past graduates.

Everything we ask in our application form is important for your selection at Placewit. We consider the complete application and select the topmost applicants for further process. After application shortlisting, students are selected on the basis of a 1-1 mentorship session.

Why didn't I get selected?

Why didn't I get selected? What is wrong with my resume or profile?

We get this question a lot. This is a reasonable question to ask, no doubt.

So why don’t we tell the students what is wrong with their application?
Because most of the time, there is no reason. The average resume or application looks quite good and impressive. The reason it gets rejected is not that it is particularly bad, but that there are sufficient other applications that seem particularly good.

The reason why the students want feedback about their application is that they think of it as a grade in a class that they didn’t pass. But a test where only a fixed number of students can pass regardless of the average quality is not a grading system.

There is a limit to the number of students we can intake, no matter how many good ones apply. Otherwise, we will not be able to give personalized attention and good quality to each student who trusts us and is admitted to our program.

So the reason we can't tell every student why they didn't get selected is that more often than not, there is literally no answer. We could make one up, but we would be lying in more than half the cases. The better the student, the more likely we would be lying.

If you are not selected, it does not mean you can't get a good job. Keep working hard and upskill yourself.

We want to make our courses accessible to more students and provide the best guidance suited for them. So, we have launched a new program, Zepskill, our Full Stack Development Job Guarantee Program. The selection rate for Zepskill is 5%. Do check it out if you did not get selected for Placewit.


Zepskill is our Full Stack Development Job Guarantee Course